"Amazing appointment! I found them searching for a reputable Biofeedback Clinic in Tucson and scheduled the initial with Neurofeedback combo. Omg the reports confirmed everything I just knew. My anxiety dropped from an 8 to a 2 after my treatment and I still feel a difference today from it. Excited to keep going! The atmosphere is so inviting and the staff made me feel so welcome and comfortable. So happy to have found TBF. "

- S.P.

"13 years, I was suffering from debilitating fatigue, chronic migraines, digestive issues and anxiety/depression. I was tired of taking prescriptions and masking my issues, I sought out so many forms of natural treatments for relief from acupuncture, chiropractic, counseling, multiple diets etc. I was beyond frustrated when I found Tucson Biofeedback. I am 1/2 way through my treatment program and am migraine free, my energy is insane and the anxiety/digestive issues are almost gone. Thank you!!"

- Connie. B

"I was chronically tired, even after a good night's rest of about 10+ hours, and even sleeping until mid-day on weekends. After going to doctor after doctor and having them all tell me that everything looks great and that all of my blood tests look great...I started to think that maybe it was all in my head.

About 9 years ago I was diagnosed with what I call the 'F' word - yes, fibromyalgia. I was tired of feeling helpless and hopeless, tired of going from doctor to doctor and educating them on what the 'F' word was. I felt very isolated, like no one gets it!

After treatment with Anna, I have felt renewed and refreshed, like a different person...my zest for life has returned! My energy is better than it has ever been. I cannot believe how energetic I feel...so stable and positive, like I could rule the world! I feel like I have my health and control back."

- Carla A.

"After just 3 treatments I noticed that I felt alive. I had more energy than ever before. I am happy and I feel like I am living a life again. I can work all day and go home and spend time with my family the way I used to. Most of the time I am pain free, headache free, and not wanting to lay down all the time. Bless you for you have saved my live!"

- Tracy W.

"After 2 years of extreme pain, fatigue, etc., I was diagnosed with neuro-fibromyalgia. I had seen 5 doctors trying to get to the cause of my suffering. My primary doctor had given up. I had severe facial pain, headaches, toothaches, depression and I was tired all the time.

Now I feel so much better! I sleep so much better, the fatigue has greatly diminished, and I'm not depressed anymore. I had suffered for years with this condition. Tucson Biofeedback was the first place to give me hope. I recommend them highly! The treatment is painless and effects are immediate. Thank you!"

- Kitty F.

"After my first treatment I was amazed! The pain was gone by bedtime! I also needed no sleep aids and awoke feeling so good..refreshed and pain free! I had energy-I couldn't believe it! I quit all my prescription drugs and still don't want or need them. I feel so incredible: healthy, strong and energetic! The depression has completely lifted and I am active, optimistic, and motivated again. I remain pain free. I feel like I have my life back! Thank you!"

- Becca M.

"Tucson Biofeedback changed my life! I was suffering from multiple autoimmune conditions, chronic migraines and constant fatigue which triggered anxiety and bouts of depression and despair.

I went in for a new patient consult not knowing what to expect, and wow! The report generated and Dr. Anna Blessing's insight was more than I had gotten from multiple doctors in years.

She put together s custom diet/nutrition plan as well as a treatment program which was definitely an investment both time and money.... She and I Both knew I was a hot mess, so a combination approach of Biofeedback an Neurofeedback treatments was the best approach. Within the 1st few weeks I achieved leaps and bounds in my health!

I am now coming to the end of my Treatment Program and I have limitless energy, my mood is now filled with joy, excitement and hope (a world apart from the previous exhaustion, dread and hopelessness) my migraines are gone and my inflammation is under control for the 1st time in my life.

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Anna Blessing and the Tucson Biofeedback Staff, you have truly given me my life back and more! I feel so deeply cared for, heard and seen every time they see me. I will continue to use their services for re-scans and maintenance to continue going to new levels upon graduation. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Aletia L.

"I cannot speak highly enough of the Tucson Biofeedback team and Dr. Anna Blessing. The effects of their treatments and guidance have been nothing short of miraculous. I suffered from Hashimoto's thyroiditis, psoriasis, and chronic fatigue for 20 years, limping my way through life with poor health, overwhelming stress, and just barely making it through each day. After a particularly stressful period in my life, my already tenuous grasp on health completely deteriorated. I developed fibromyalgia, neurological problems, brain fog, insomnia, depression, infections, vertigo and constant dizziness, nausea, and blood sugar swings so drastic that I was worried about passing out at random moments. Conventional western medicine failed me again and again in trying to help my chronic health issues and I was ready to give up. After 18 months of basically being bedridden, I saw a Groupon for a consultation at Tucson Biofeedback and purchased it on a whim.

I was almost too sick to keep my first appointment in January of 2019 but will thank the universe to my dying day that I went. Dr. Anna's insights even from the first appointment were spot on. I gave her only a general outline of my health troubles but she took one look at my first scan and knew in incredible detail all the areas in which my body was struggling. She was even able to discern with startling accuracy the symptoms I hadn't even bothered mentioning. I was dumbstruck but I knew I'd finally found someone who could help me. I left Anna's office that Thursday morning with a short list of foods to avoid, foods to eat freely, and some simple lifestyle adjustments to make over the next few days while Anna formulated my health plan. I was still slightly skeptical since nothing had worked for me, but I was hopeful and willing to try. By the time Anna called me on Monday morning with my plan, the reduction in my pain was so amazing that I was speechless, I'd slept through the night for the first time in months, and my nausea and headaches were already calming down. I knew then that whatever Anna told me to do, I would do it. I have followed Anna's recommendations for supplements, practices, meditations, books, foods, and diligently come into the Biofeedback offices for treatments since that first appointment. I knew from the first day that I was on the correct healing path.

This review is already huge so I will finish by saying this: for the first time in my life, not only am I confident that I will get better but I think I will actually be healthier than before I ever got sick. There isn't an aspect of my life that hasn't improved since I have been going to treatment at Tucson Biofeedback. I opened myself up to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and have grown so much during this process. You have to be willing to follow Dr. Anna's plan but if you are anything like me, you will not be disappointed. The results have been beyond my wildest hopes. This will be an ongoing process for me but I thank my lucky stars everyday that I found Tucson Biofeedback."

- Trillby D.

"Thank you TBF - I reached out for help with High Blood Pressure, Anxiety and just not feeling my best. I had heard about Biofeedback over the years all with positive results, but just had not been in a serious enough situation to look into it for myself.

After the initial consult and going over the Health Report it immediately became apparent how much stress was impacting me and how long I had ignored it. In addition my diet and lifestyle choices were also revealed through the report results.

I enrolled into the custom treatment program recommended for me and within the 1st 3 weeks I felt a night and day difference! Not only did my vitality improve, but my ability to mastery mind and stress was at a level I'd never experience. I work as an executive in a high stress job, so peak state is crucial and there is always stress. Since completing my program, my HBD is resolved, my anxiety only is present in very high stress periods, short term and never lasts. I have an awareness of my body and my brain I never had before and I feel totally equipped to handle life's ups and downs.

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback yes the treatments work and there are thousands of journals proving the effectiveness of this century old modality.... But it is honestly the awareness and mastery you gain through the process that becomes invaluable. I would have gladly paid 4x as much as I did for everything I received (and continue to receive) from it.

As Einstein said - "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them""

- Robert M.

"Ok where to begin.... I came across TBF when I was desperately searching for answers from chronic health symptoms that had been plaguing me for years. I went in to see Dr. Blessing for the initial consult with Biofeedback Scans and for the 1st time in over a decade someone was able to help me connect the dots! I was in tears during that session as it was like reading my biological biography that I could never put into words.

I immediately implemented the changes from the reports and could tell a marked difference. Then after our follow up call I got started on Dr. Blessings' treatment rec right away. I had heard about Biofeedback for years but never knew much about it. Now I am its biggest advocate!

It resolves the majority of issues at its root, mine included and finally all the healthy lifestyle choices I'd been doing for years were able to kick into gear. It was like it fixed the lock that none of the keys (diet, supplements, exercise, meditation etc) could turn.

I am pleased to announce that after years of autoimmune like symptoms: inflammation, exhaustion/CFS, stubborn weight issues, sleep disturbances, waves of anxiety/depression and chronic GI issues - I no longer suffer from any of these!

Not only that, through the treatments and custom lifestyle recs I actually feel better than I ever have at 56!! My brain is sharper than it was even in college, I feel like I revered my biological clock and my tests for cholesterol and blood pressure which were creeping up came back perfect!

Highly recommend if you want to improve your health, as your entire life will transform as a byproduct."

- Karla B.

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