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Chiropractor Tuscon AZ Anna Blessing


Being born and raised in Seattle, WA Dr. Blessing has found her Happy Place here in the Sunshine State of beautiful Arizona. After healing herself naturally of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines and Anxiety/Depression, Histamine/Chemical Sensitivities, EBV, Mold Toxicity, C-PTSD and a number of other ailments; Dr. Blessing devoted her life to helping others do the same.

She has an extensive background in Biofeedback Therapy, Individualized Wellness, Metaphysical Sciences, Quantum Biophysics and Frequency Medicine Applications.

She entered the world of Biofeedback and Frequency Therapies in 2012 and never looked back. Dr. Blessing has a vision to train additional Practitioners and Doctors in the evolving realm of Frequency Medicine to meet the growing demands of people and animals requiring a new way forward in Healthcare.

She merges her passion to help others with over 10,000 hours of specialized and clinical training to facilitate healing and transformation to those who are open to exploring what is possible through Quantum Physics and the therapies that support our return to harmony within our cells, tissues, body and being, and is most driven by a passion to educate and empower others to unlock their Healing abilities and connection to and with their body.

Chiropractic Tuscon AZ Briana Irvine
Director of Operations & Biofeedback Technician

Briana Irvine, B.Msc, B.A, M.A, CBT

Meet Bri, our brainiac with a masters in Information Science and background in Medical Research. Bri can carry on a conversation in a number of different subjects with mastery and precision, or you may be lucky enough to catch her rocking out on her car to an array of different rock jams. Bri initially came to Tucson Biofeedback unable to work anymore and suffering from: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Migraines, POTS, TBI, Thyroid Issues, Insomnia, Anxiety/Depression , Numerous Pathogens (including lyme, parasites and multiple bacterial infections) among a number of other ailments.

After experiencing a complete transformation in her health and life through her Healing Program, Bri set a private intention to one day work with us facilitating and supporting the same shifts in others.

Bri has been an invaluable addition to our team with her upbeat personality and attention to detail of each client and their journey. Bri has risen from client to practitioner and is on her way to completing her Doctorate and becoming our next Frequency Medicine Doctor. You can find her during the week at Tucson Biofeedback guiding and supporting others in their recovery.

Chiropractic Tuscon AZ Stacy Tsosie
Remote Treatment Coordinator & Biofeedback Technician

Stacy Tsosie, B.Msc, CBP, LVT

Stacy is one of the most caring people you'll have the pleasure to know. She has a profound love and affinity for animals and it shows when she's around them Having worked in Vet settings before coming to us she is no stranger to supporting sentient beings in their health journeys.

Stacy came to Tucson Biofeedback seeking answers for her Health. She came to us suffering from a serious case of POTS that halted her life leaving her unable to work and function.

She additionally suffered from: Anxiety, Obsessive Looping Thoughts , Multiple Traumas, Histamine Intolerances, Recurrent and chronic UTI's, Cellular Toxicity and is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

After experiencing a night and day shift in both her health and outlook in a matter of weeks, Stacy's body and brain harmonized and she has never looked back since.

Stacy joined the team after completing her treatments being able to work for the 1st time since her POTS began to bring Hope and Healing to others who are struggling.

She serves our clients with the highest level of care and understanding. Stacy has overcome insurmountable odds and trauma in her life and she will light up your day as soon as you see her.

Chiropractic Tuscon AZ Jamie Cook
Communications Director, Biofeedback Technician And Client Counselor

Jamie Cook, B.Psy, B.Msc, CBP

An Arizona native, Jamie has her Bachelor’s on Psychology from University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) She initially came into Tucson Biofeedback as a client for anxiety, emotional stress and toxic stress that manifested in chronic fatigue, anxiety and chronic pain.

After her huge shift and transformation her drive to help others in a Healing setting moved her to take a position as a Biofeedback Technician where she is able to grow personally while supporting others in their healing journeys. Jamie’s warmth and intuitive connection to people shifts the atmosphere immediately.

Neurofeedback Tucson AZ Anna Jovien Intern
Biofeedback Technician

Anna Jovien, CBT

Our newest Team Member, Anna is graduating from the University of Arizona in 2022 with her Bachelor's in Applied Humanities with a Minor in Psychology. Anna originally came to us for help dealing with Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health challenges also manifesting in pain and other physical ailments. She became aware of her patterns, uncovering sources of her challenges that all other professionals had missed throughout her life.

Anna is primed and ready to continue her education in the evolving field of Frequency Medicine and Biofeedback. She may be young, but her knowledge and life experience well exceeds many decades older than her. WHat is that old saying "never judge a book by it's cover?" This is most certainly Anna, who is a wealth of knowledge with an uncanny ability to read people and navigate their treatment needs in real time. Her efforts through Biofeedback and various treatments and therapies has given her an edge and understanding to share and support others who are struggling. Her passion for helping people and animals heal and live out their most fulfilled life through Frequency Therapies has activated a purpose in her, and she is looking forward to supporting you and continuing her education to become a frequency Medicine Doctor after UofA.

Neurofeedback Tucson AZ Dr. Anna Blessing and Pepe Therapy Dog
Therapy Dog

Pepe Blessing

Pepe is our clinic's Therapy Dog. He has a Healers Heart and knows exactly who needs Love and Tenderness. When he's in clinic, prepare to be greeted by our 4 legged Bundle of Magic.

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