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Neurofeedback Tucson AZ Dr. Anna Blessing
Biofeedback Specialist, Nutritionist Therapist and Frequency Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Anna Blessing, PhD, M.Msc, B.Msc, CNC

After healing herself naturally of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines and Anxiety/Depression. Dr. Anna has devoted her life to helping others do the same. She has an extensive background in Biofeedback Therapy, Nutrition, Holistic Healing, Transpersonal Therapy and Metaphysical Sciences. 

She merges her passion to help others with over 10,000 hours of specialized and clinical training to facilitate healing and transformation in people all across the globe. After operating clinics in Seattle, Los Angeles and the East Coast, Dr. Blessing and her husband chose Tucson to settle down in where she loves serving the people of Tucson.

Neurofeedback Tucson AZ Jamie Cook
Biofeedback Technician And Patient Counselor

Jamie Cook, B.Psy, B.Msc, CBP

An Arizona native, Jamie has her Bachelor’s on Psychology from University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) She initially came into Tucson Biofeedback as a patient for anxiety, emotional stress and toxic stress that manifested in chronic fatigue, anxiety and chronic pain.

After her huge shift and transformation her drive to help others in a Healing setting moved her to take a position as a Biofeedback Technician where she is able to grow personally while supporting others in their healing journeys. Jamie’s warmth and intuitive connection to people shifts the atmosphere immediately.

Neurofeedback Tucson AZ Stacy Tsosie
Biofeedback Technician

Stacy Tsosie, B.Msc, CBP, LVT

Stacy found Tucson Biofeedback as a patient seeking answers for her Health. She came to us suffering from a serious case of POTS, Anxiety, Trauma, Histamine Intolerances and recurrent and chronic UTI's. After experiencing a night and day shift in both her health and outlook, Stacy joined the team to help bring Hope and Healing to others. 

She serves our patients with the highest level of care and understanding. Stacy has overcome insurmountable odds and trauma and will light up your day as soon as you see her.

Neurofeedback Tucson AZ Tia Nicklason
EVOX Biofeedback Specialist

Tia Nicklason, B.Sc

Tia holds her Bachelor’s in Science from the University of Washington. She originally began working with Dr. Anna to work through depression, anxiety and underlying emotional/trauma issues through Biofeedback. She has an extensive background in Lab Sciences and has been mentoring under Dr. Anna since the beginning of 2017. 

Tia now serves clients as an EVOX Biofeedback Specialist globally producing life-altering results through the profound effectiveness of Biofeedback Therapy. Connect with Tia on Instagram.

Neurofeedback Tucson AZ Dr. Anna Blessing and Pepe Therapy Dog
Therapy Dog

Pepe Blessing

Pepe is our clinic's Therapy Dog. He has a Healers Heart and knows exactly who needs Love and Tenderness. When he's in clinic, prepare to be greeted by our 4 legged Bundle of Magic.

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