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What is TeraP90 in Tucson AZ? INFUSION of Two Major FREQUENCY POWERHOUSES!

1. TERAHERTZ - same vibration as normal cells which means when it passes through the body, it keeps the normal cells, wakes up dormant cells and damaged cells will be eliminated.

This body of research is changing science rapidly and will continue to evolve and become more potent in medical tech. We utilize 2 forms of TeraHertz Technology in the clinic with mind-blowing results.

2. PEMF - Pulse Electro Magnetic Field.

Introduction of PEMF to Integrate with Terahertz Frequency in Tucson AZ

The Fifth Element: Geomagnetism

1,000's of scientific studies on PEMF technology alone.

Life on earth appeared when the geomagnetic field was formed and increased to a certain strength. The huge magnetosphere formed by the earth's magnetic field on the surface of the earth forms a natural protective barrier against the invasion of the outside world. Only living in a normal geomagnetic field can guarantee the health and continuation of life. Therefore, like sunlight, air, water, and nutrition, geomagnetism is the fifth element for life to survive.


Product Features:

  • 1 MHz electromagnetic energy
  • Bio-imitation magnetic energy
  • Potent effect

Simple: sit down, relax, place your bare feet on the conductors, and enjoy our other Frequency system HUSO to tone and regulate your nervous system.

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