Simple ways to Boost your Immune System against the Virus

Simple ways to Boost your Immune System against a virus in Tucson

Chiropractic Tuscon AZ boost immune system

The virus has taken over most of our newsfeeds these days, the majority of the information is charged with fear and panic which is the #1 way to suppress your immune system. The antidote? It’s not in the form of a vaccine or injection, it comes by way of empowered simple actions. Remember our bodies work as a unit, and doctors in Tucson, know it requires a true WHOLEistic approach. Think of our immune system as our own personal military. The more assaults it can neutralize immediately the less of a toll it will have on our body. Getting “sick” 2-4 times a year is not good for the immune system. In fact, it is withdrawing large chunks of our vitality and lifeforce, depleting our reserves in the process.

In Health, everything is connected. Biochemical Reactions, Hormones, Immunity, Foods, Stress, Negative thought patterns, emotions, what we see and listen to, what we swallow, put on our skin etc. Nothing is isolated, it is all intertwined. The below suggestions are not specific to the virus necessarily but are daily things that boost our health in numerous ways with or without a virus epidemic. Though many of the below recommendations have already been applied with positive results in Shanghai and other parts of the world.

Read below to find out what YOU can do right now to boost your immune system to ward of the Virus in Tucson.

  • #1 NO SUGAR: that includes raw cane sugar, sugar, white sugar etc. Sugar suppresses our immune system for 24 hours. If your goal is to enjoy the “sweet things” of life, just know that you are opening yourself up to catch any and everything for 24 hours. There are sugar alternatives that do not do this such as: raw local honey and monk fruit.
  • #2 TURN OFF THE NEWS: Fear suppresses our immune system more than any other emotion, and the Medias job is to distribute fear and panic. Be aware, be informed, but use common sense and take the following steps to become empowered. We have far more control over the state of affairs than we are led to believe.
  • #3 VITAMIN C: this is crucial for our daily health, and critical in times of cold/flu seasons. 2,000-5,000mg are a good daily dose. Then during times that require enhanced immunity, you can go up to 40,000-1000,000mg dependent upon your bowel tolerance. A 1x weekly Vitamin C Flush is recommended as it purges pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites etc) from your body while resetting your immune system. The more immune-compromised you are the higher the dose you will need before you hit bowel intolerance, it is also a great way to determine the state of your immune system. Vitamin C Flush
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  • #4 VITAMIN A: Vitamin A is an underdog in the immune support, and the quality and type is crucial. The one I take and Recommend is linked here. Vitamin A
  • #5 VITAMIN D: Daily doses of 5,000-10,000 iu’s of Vitamin D are what I take as a maintenance dose. After the 3 day booster, I drop back down to this dosage as well. The one I take and recommend is here: Vitamin D Drops
  • #6 CELLULAR DETOX DROPS: Clinoptilolite, a natural non-toxic zeolite compound, has been proven to not only remove heavy metals and other toxins – including viral particles – from organs and tissue, it actually increases T-cell production. One study found that clinoptilolite can function as powerful immunostimulators for between 10 percent and 30 percent of the host’s entire T-cell arsenal. Click HERE to read more on these specific drops. This is one of only 2 cellular detox products I recommend and have taken these for 6 years every day. You can order them here: Detox Drops
  • #7 PERSONAL FSM DEVICE: this is perhaps one of the greatest tools in your toolbox any of us can have access to. While certainly the most expensive on this list, it is the “gift that keeps on giving”. Studies showed that a specific protocol for immune system changed the immune system permanently for the better after just 4 minutes. These systems also have virus programs, bacteria programs and more. These are medical devices that can be self-administered - following a custom protocol outline loaded for you. 99 unique protocols are loaded onto each person’s systems that can also be edited and changed when needed. There are over 1,000 protocols for almost every imaginable condition. It is natural, non-invasive, evidence-backed and effective.

“Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy is the cutting edge of Medicine. It’s precise because it pinpoints the cause of an ailment, no matter how complex and treats it without side effects.” - Dr. James L. Oschman, PhD

NOTE: due to the virus the devices are almost sold out, so if this interests you please email sooner rather than later. Your Order will include a call with my (Dr. Blessing) to go over the use of your device.

Info on FSM

  • #8 3-DAY IMMUNE BOOSTER PROCESS: you can super dose with 50,000mg-100,000mg of Vitamin A, C and D – then go on to the regular dosage as stated on the bottle. This will give your immune system an extra boost of vitality. Do not use the high dosages for more than 3 days.

The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body. Remember to Breathe, Relax, be Proactive in your Health. Fear is different than danger. Fear is a manipulation of the mind that strips us of our power and leaves us susceptible to a compromised life and body. What else is possible for us through this opportunity otherwise known as the virus?

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