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Membership Terms & Conditions:

The Tucson Biofeedback Membership Plan is provided as an automatic, monthly deduction from your credit card or bank account. Membership automatic deductions cannot be frozen or paused for any period of time.

Membership Fees:

The Membership Agreement between Tucson Biofeedback (the “FBO/Faith Based Organization”) is on a monthly basis at a rate of either $10 or $79.95 per month payable on the date of activation for each month of the membership. Members are entitled to receive 10% off session packages. If the membership includes sessions such as LENS, the sessions expire at the end of the paid month and do not roll over.

Cancelation Policy:

Membership may be cancelled at any time, so long as a minimum of 15 days notice is given. If notice is received with less than 15 days before the next billing date the FBO will charge one additional Monthly Fee. Membership privileges will continue throughout the term of the additional month charged. Once Cancelled, if a member wishes to re-activate membership a new “Member Enrollment Fee” will be charged to reactivate membership.

Terms and Conditions:

The Member agrees to allow the FBO to charge his/her credit card or to process a pre-authorized withdrawal for the purpose of his/her membership fees pursuant to the Membership Agreement. Member acknowledges that an additional charge of $25.00 will be made for any withdrawals not completed due to insufficient funds or that is declined for any reason. The FBO may change the membership fee or services pricing under the Membership Agreement with 30 days notice. It is expressly understood and agreed that the Membership Agreement is not assignable or transferrable by Member and no rights or privileges granted by the membership can be transferred or assigned by Member.

Member agrees to keep and obey all rules and regulations now in force or in the future prescribed by the FBO. The FBO  reserves the right to refuse and revoke a Membership Agreement if the Member fails to keep and obey any of such rules,  regulations and statement of faith.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, 24 hours notice must be given or your appointment will be forfeited and/or charged for the appointment session fee.

Blessing Society of Healing Arts Member Services Agreement

Blessing Society of Healing Arts DBA Tucson Biofeedback operates as a non-profit Faith Based Organization. We are a Healing Ministry created to fill in the gap left by traditional medical care. Below you will read our Mission, Vision and Statement of Faith.

Our service to life through our ministry and services is geared towards advancing humanity beyond discord and suffering on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, into greater  Harmony of Health, Inner and Outer Peace, which we believe we were all originally designed to experience by our loving Creator when we live in accord with the Divine Principles of the Universal Laws of Life.

Our commitment is and always will be to bring forth the purest, most effective, practical and natural everyday solutions to Health, Youth, and Vital Longevity, as well as for the expansion of ones own and collective consciousness of mankind.

It is our own inner and personal religious belief that it is not a product, service or external thing that does the healing, but the Power of our own body's Innate Intelligence (which beats your heart) that does all the healing and adjusting of your body, mind, emotions, being and world once you give it what it needs and omit what it doesn't and then continue to live in accord with the Divine Laws of Life's Perfection and Harmony.

The Power that made the Body, Heals the Body.

Our mission is to support Healing by way of Wholeness, which is only possible through acknowledging the intimate and intertwining of mind-body-spirit. To live and empower our members to live in Harmony with the Cosmic Laws of Divine Harmony. Our organization operates and honors the Cosmic Laws above all.

All of our products, services information and protocols are a part of our own Pastoral Medicine and Ministerial Practice and is protected under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and Religious Freedom Restoration Act. By using any of the info we offer you are agreeing to do not take it as a health advise, remedy or health suggestion, but to take solely your own responsibility of their use.

May every man, woman and child reclaim their Divine Birthright of Healing and Wholeness through the process of re-harmonization of the body, mind and spirit with advanced tools and technology we personally utilize such as: Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Mind-Body Practices and Custom Wellness Suggestions.

By becoming a member of Blessing Society of Healing Arts you are entering into an agreement and alignment of this approach to Healing and our Private Ministry available to our members only.

Client Membership Form

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