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Did you know, we work with people all over the USA and beyond through our Remote Biofeedback Center? That’s right, we have the capability to make every service aside from LENS Neurofeedback accessible to you through our remote center.

Most of the Health Challenges such as: Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Disorders, Inflammatory Disorders, MCS, Chronic Fatigue, Migraine Headaches, Food Sensitivities and GI Issues, Mast Cell/Histamine Issues etc are administrable from the comfort of your own home.


Full Body Biofeedback Scans
These are where we begin with everyone as they generate about 30 pages of data unique to YOU including food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, organ and system stress, mental/emotional stress, and more. Click HERE to download a sample report.

BioResonance/Biofeedback Scans with Balancers
Our bodies are fluid and in constant flux. When you utilize the Remote Quick Scans, over a series and number of them you can begin to see where the problem areas are while simultaneously balancing them for more optimal health.

For example, it can pick up what many labs may miss due to a limited ability to view the body and it's systems. For example it has the capacity to pick up challenges such as: lyme, pelvic inflammatory disorder, thyroid etc. In a session, you do not have to be present. We connect remotely then run the scans and the balancing Biofeedback Frequencies optimized for you. You also receive the reports emailed to you upon completion. Click HERE to learn more.

Immunity Today Biofeedback Scans
Similar to the above but specifically and only looking at the Immune System in real-time to better support your personal Immune Defenses. View a sample Immune Report HERE.

Food and Nutrient Sensitivity Treatments
These are what are “Core treatments” consist of. By harnessing the power of Biofeedback (Biological Feedback unique to the individual) we are able to effectively de-sensitize the body of its reactions to food and nutrients such as: vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. We have yet to meet someone who has not had a sensitivity to nutrients which is what makes chasing food sensitivities such a cat and mouse game. Once the SET Biofeedback Treatment is applied the body normalizes it’s response thereby cutting down chronic inflammation by virtually shutting off our “inflammatory triggers”. Inflammation kills, and many of us are triggering this inflammation daily through things we consume that are Healthy.

Imagine not having to fear eating anymore?

Chemical Sensitivity Treatments
Much the same process as above, these fall into the “inhalants” category. Many clients who have been multiple chemicals sensitive can go through life without reactivity once completed. We also have treatments for our own body (think how autoimmune conditions respond).

Imagine being able to breathe without triggering a Cytokine and Histamine Storm?

EVOX Biofeedback Sessions
These sessions are amazing at healing and clearing emotional stress, stagnation, trauma, old patterns that no longer serve etc. Many have reported they achieved what 10 years of therapy had attempted to do. Mostly because this works on clearing patterns deep in the subconscious and releasing the deeply held emotions. The subconscious controls 90% of our body, life, health and patterns and it lies beneath our awareness. You can learn more about our EVOX treatments by clicking HERE.

FSM Treatments
If you have not yet heard of this, you are in for a treat! There are over 1,000 applications for Frequency Specific Microcurrents. Did you know we can order in your own personal FSM Device loaded with 99 customized protocols for you and your whole family to use? FSM has over 2 decades of research and mind-blowing efficacy with the correct applications. We utilize this for a host of different challenges and have amazing immune-boosting protocols. In clinical trials, the application of a specific frequency pair boosted the immune system by nearly 70% permanently. Each system has protocols that can be loaded to your needs when you invest in your own at-home FSM system. Learn More about Frequency Specific Microcurrent by clicking HERE.

PS: this BOOK is a great read in helping you understand the powerful effect of Resonance Therapy and Frequency Medicine “The Resonance Effect”.

Custom Immune Homeopathic Tinctures
This is done via a unique process utilizing your live saliva/mucous sample and infused into a Homeopathic Tincture. These are especially wonderful if and when you are acutely ill. But they also support the body’s harmonization of whatever lies in your live sample even if it is chronic.

NOTE: we are currently also combining Corona and SARS homeopathic imprints into the tincture in addition to your live sample. Details are gone over during the session where you are walked through the process.

This does not TREAT any particular issue, feel free to research how homeopathic remedies work by clicking HERE.

Tucson Biofeedback does not have a treatment, cure, or prophylactic for the coronavirus known as COVID-19. There are no products that will cure or treat that virus at the current time.

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