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We've recently graduated a number of enrollees from their treatment programs which have opened up several new openings, which you can schedule at the link below 👇


OUR PROCESS: Our scans and intake have connected dots for 1,000's of people. The Initial Intake appointment is the same process for everyone regardless of issues. It is $400 and consists of a 2 day appointment;

  • Day 1 is in the clinic where we run our series of non-invasive scans to formulate a holistic view through the generation of about 30 pages of data. These include: Biofeedback Scan, Initial Neuro Map as well as a stress and arterial health test. This appointment runs roughly 50 minutes.
  • Day 2 is a Phone Call and runs 60 minutes where the patterns and information on the scans is discussed as well as a custom treatment rec and wellness plan. You can view an overview of the initial scans here: New Client Information - Tucson Biofeedback

Each person's treatment rec and wellness plan is customized and put together AFTER the initial appointment and discussed on the day 2 phone call. We have 9 different treatment forms and our treatments range from $75-$400. Most will fall somewhere between $95-$125 and can range between 10-70 treatments depending upon how many layers, treatment types and how compromised one is. Your customized recommendations are formulated from your reports, health history and goals and is addressed on your Day 2 phone call.

Click to read through our different treatment modalities: Education Portal - Tucson Biofeedback

This email was sent out to our waitlist with a limited # of availability. You will schedule your appointment based on remaining available spots by clicking this link here:


May 2023 be your best year yet 💫

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