The Metaphysical Exploration Of Pathogens

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What if everything had consciousness? What if our relationship to everything dictated the experience we have during our lifetime, including our relationship with pathogens?

I know this is a new concept, however we must acknowledge that if we k new what we were doing, and what we were already doing worked, we would not be so sick, miserable, stressed and barely getting by.

If what we did worked, we would live in a symbiotic state of Harmony, Ease, Joy free from dis-ease, violence, anger, fear, exhaustion, overwhelm etc. All we need to do is take an honest audit of the state of our world and our body and the answer is clear as day.

Remember how we were as kids, and well know a number of people who still behave this way as adults let’s be honest. As children, if we wanted to be seen and acknowledged most of us were relentless in that pursuit and would become louder forging ahead with more strength in order to be acknowledged.

What if it is the same way with pathogens, if they are deliberately ignored; they respond in matching alignment. They present themselves ever stronger in order to be seen. All life, even an organism without 'soul' if you will, strives to be seen.

Other children, learned to cower and hide and went into agreement with the message “you need to be quiet”. In this case, the child learned to hide until they reached a point of implosion or explosion where they could no longer stuff themselves away anymore. Think of a “flare up”.

Viruses, pathogens and bacterial organisms respond to consciousness. If they are seen, with fear or alarm; they respond in matching  alignments. Catching hold where fear stands. Mutating to match that collective fear and growing ever stronger, amplifying within us using our bodies and fear circuits as a host.

Fear has already been proven to drastically weaken our immune system.

Yet if they are seen, acknowledged for what they are and faced, despite  fear or with absence of fear; they match that respect and awareness.  In their place an immune system network is presented and they merge.  The immunity is raised within the human vehicle when fear is overcome, integrated or eradicated.

The immunity then reigns supreme and the virus, pathogen or bacterial organism remains in a space that is no threat to the life of the human vehicle.

Many viruses, pathogens and bacterial organisms become through aligned mutation, assistance and biological protection for that human vehicle;  becoming part of and in some cases the very immune system we speak of. Science has shown we are more bugs or microbes than human.

It is time to raise one's awareness into Quantum Biology, and begin to live and be in harmony with the quantum Reality of our bodies, world and existence. Newtonian Physics helped us last century, but at this point is very much the Dark Ages when it comes to Healing.

At our clinic we aren’t some gimmicky quick fix. Our emphasis is on True Healing through Quantum Biology and Quantum Physics, which literally makes up over 95% of existence and our body itself. So while our current systems focus on the 5%, we focus on the 95%.

True Healing in summary, is reclaiming and developing a sense of wholeness that involves: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and financial aspects of our Human Experience. Ill-ness is a state of dis-harmony and dis-ease. Reharmonizing the Body and Being, and returning to a sense of ease in body, mind, spirit and all elements of our experience is how we access True Healing. This is available to all, though each of our Journey’s and Recipes will be completely unique to us and require relentless devotion to our process.

True Healing requires accessing an Expanded Consciousness – unless we are willing to curiously explore questions beyond our current and limited comprehension, we will remain exactly where we are, and many times continue to deteriorate from here.

What else is possible that you’ve never even considered?

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