Inner Child Driven Anxiety

Inner Child Driven Anxiety


There are many types of Anxiety, today we are discussing 1 very specific form: Inner Child Driven Anxiety.


Anxiety is a very general term we use for those feelings of unease all the way to panic and everything in between. So this form that we're discussing is tied to unhealed and unresolved emotions and experiences connected to our inner child. And in this particular form, you will know if this is one that you are struggling with because it's one that does not respond to traditional therapies.

It's one that does not respond to traditional treatments that most people do. Over the past 10 years of doing this, we've had a large number of both male and female with this form of anxiety. And no matter what amazing therapy or treatment is administered, there is a rigidity and a resistance to moving from the pattern of anxiety into ease. And this is connected to our inner child.

Now, we all have an inner child, and this anxiety links back every single time to growing up as a child and not feeling safe, not feeling heard, not feeling understood, not being able to express yourself in a safe environment. This can be tied to parents, caretakers, teachers, friends etc. And this tension and unease carries throughout life.

We all know, feelings buried alive never die, and when we suppress and bury our emotions and experiences they don’t just magically go away. They remain, suffocated in the deep recesses of our subconscious. They  show up in ways that wreak havoc on our life, our mind, our physical body, our relationships etc. until they're resolved. 

If you've tried everything under the sun and you have done everything that most people respond to and respond very quickly and very well, including our therapies, which are the fastest way to move out of any pattern in all honesty, then chances are this is the form you are struggling with. 

Understand that this is you. A version of you who will not change, will not heal, will not resolve their anxiety until you hear you. Know, there is nothing  wrong with you, just unhealed wounds that are crying out to be healed. It's not that things don't work. It's that for the first time your child is being heard and it's being hurt in a way that is very obvious to you. I mean, if you've gone through this and, you know, sometimes it's paralyzing, sometimes you lose relationships, you lose work, you lose the ability to function in normal day to day life.

So guess what? Your child is being heard for the first time, you are hearing you.

He or she will stay loud and will continue to make sure they're heard until you love on, reconcile, listen to acknowledge and resolve whatever you require. 

At this point, what you want to do is just take a step back to truly listen. The  anxiety is actually your inner child, and he or she is screaming and becoming very loud in order to be heard and resolved.  This part of you is in a tantrum, and this tantrum will not resolve, it's not going to just tire out or let you bypass it with some sort of attempt to fix or silent the discomfort. It's not going to resolve until you hear your inner child, until you listen you care for and you resolve what needs to be resolved and heard within you.

And the easiest way to do this is to go into a meditative state so, go into a quiet place, close your eyes, find what age your child shows up. Now, some of us have an  inner child that is actually frightened of us and our adult self because we too have carried the same pattern our parents or other figures of importance did. We ignored her and acted like he wasn't there, we don’t/didn’t listen to the gentleness of our heart where our Inner Child Resides, we stuck them in a corner and basically “adultted ” in life.

In some cases your own inner child may be fearful of you. So in that case, you need to parent and you need to be kind and patient the same way you would rehabilitate an abused dog or child. If your child is willing to communicate and have a conversation, then truly listen, be present for as long as you require to hear your younger innocent self out.  You must become the parent that you wished you would have had, because only we can parent ourselves the way that we needed to. Only we can love ourselves the way we know we need to. We can't expect mom or dad or grandma, grandpa or anybody else to do that for us or spouse, which a lot of people go into. 

Listen and ask what needs to be heard, ask what needs to be felt grieved, yelled about, raged about, forgiven. Go through that process just like you would another child, or an animal with gentleness, patience and tenderness. Forgive every person, situation and yourself.

Sometimes you can resolve it in 1 session. It's like the gate that was locked opens up and all of those therapies, all of the time and the years  invested in your healing sync up and blossom. Other times it will take multiple sessions and time spent with your Inner Child. Everything resolves once it’s resolved, and this process is unique to each of us and what we require to heal.

This is something that can be done on your own. But if it's hard for you to do on your own, find somebody who does inner child work. We do inner child work here. And if there's somebody near you or somebody that you resonate with, reach out and ask for support through the process, because it's not always an easy process. It can be uncomfortable and at times painful as the wounds come up to be healed.

We have found that once your Inner Child is fully Healed, listened to and integrated back into your present self, the anxiety resoles.  Children naturally are loving, trusting, joyful, playful, imaginative and filled with wonder that is our natural state.

And so remember, too, that your best each day will look different each day. Your best day when you're on a scale of ten on all of those things is going to look different than a day where you wake up and you're like a five. And to have grace on yourself and to show up is the best version of you. Each day it is healing takes time and repetition. Changing her life, changing her patterns, changing our world takes time and repetition.

Everything is a pattern. The universe and creation works in patterns. It works in cycles, and so do we. Gifting ourselves the strength to show up each day and do small, simple, repetitive tasks, repetitive changes, repetitive new thought patterns. Just like a garden, the seeds when watered and sun will always produce a harvest. Never underestimate the power of a seed planted and the nurturing of your Garden of Life. Health is a Habit not an event, Healing is a Journey.

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