Food Sensitivities and Allergies

Neurofeedback For Food Sensitivities in Tucson AZ

“Allergies are not just a nuisance to be ignored until they can no longer be denied—they constitute a health problem that must be treated. Untreated allergies can lead to more serious health problems as we get older. Blood pressure problems, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, arthritis, autoimmune disorders and other degenerative diseases can develop as a result of untreated allergies. If we do not take the time to treat allergies and to get well now, we will have to take the time to be sick later.”

~ Jacquenline Krohn, M.D., from her book Allergy Relief & Prevention

When you hear the word “allergy,” what do you think of? If you’re like most people you think of sneezing, itchy red eyes, and a stuffed up nose. And that’s probably all you think about.

This type of allergy is often called “hayfever” or “seasonal allergies.” It keeps medical allergists busy in the spring as the suffering throngs get scratch tests and seek relief from their misery via shots and pills.

The most common culprit of hayfever is pollen allergy, but certainly other things like dust, dust mites, and pet dander can cause these kinds of allergies.

Seasonal allergies can be mild or severe. Some sufferers consider their allergies to be nothing more than a nuisance they must suffer through for a few weeks every year, usually in the spring and late-summer.

Many others are debilitated by their allergies despite popping pills and taking shots. Some unfortunate souls suffer from allergy symptoms all year.

(If you have symptoms year-round it means you almost assuredly have food allergies or sensitivities as there are times of the years when there are no pollens in the air.)

The medical term for this type of allergy is “common allergy.” Symptoms caused by common allergy happen immediately, or almost immediately, and are usually localized to the part of your body exposed to the allergen, such as your nose and eyes. (Something you’re allergic to is called an “allergen.”)

Foods can be common allergies, too. One dramatic example are people with severe peanut allergy. If they get even a tiny whiff of peanut dust their throats and tongue can swell up so quickly they could easily die in minutes if they don’t receive immediate medical attention. This is why airlines serve pretzels or crackers instead of peanuts.

But did you know there are other types of allergies? Here’s one I bet you never heard of: It’s called “Delayed Pattern Food Allergy.” With this type of allergy, you may not have symptoms for up to three days after eating a food you’re allergic to, and allergic foods can keep causing symptoms for weeks. Crazy sounding, I know. They do this by creating immune complexes that circulate through your bloodstream. This means allergies/sensitivities contribute or trigger many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions!

As you can imagine, figuring out on your own what foods, nutrients or other commons substances are causing you problems is difficult and frustrating to say the least.

Is it allergy or sensitivity?

Sometimes your body reacts negatively to things it doesn’t produce antibodies to. Let’s say your bottom lip tingles every time you eat anything with banana in it. You run to your allergist for tests, but they come back negative for banana. Huh?

When you ask the doctor what gives, he says, “Oh, you’re just sensitive to bananas.” Or, he’ll use the word “hypersensitive.” Either way, in his mind you’re not allergic to bananas and as far as he’s concerned the only thing you can do is avoid eating them.

In truth, many people have more sensitivities than true allergies. In fact, many clients I’ve treated said their doctor told them they weren’t allergic to anything, or just a few things. Then they’d say to me, “Then why do I feel so bad?”

Scientists don’t know really understand how we can be sensitive to something without being allergic to it. Here’s my take: true allergies occur when your immune system makes mistakes. With sensitivities, I believe we must point the finger of blame at your brain. Your brain may get your

immune system involved in the mess, because your brain controls everything in your body, but it’s not your immune system’s fault.

Here, we are very Brain Focused in our approach as the brain is our master control system. By addressing the Neurological and Biological malfunctions, you can in essence reset or reboot your entire body with the right time, approach and application.

True Allergy

A true allergy occurs when your immune system makes an antibody to something it mistakingly thinks is bad for you.

Let’s use ragweed as an example. Ragweed allergy occurs when your body comes to think ragweed is a “threat” to your safety and wellbeing. There’s no reason for you to be allergic to ragweed, by itself it’s harmless, but somehow your immune system comes to think it is.

For something to be called an allergy, your body must make antibody to it. If it doesn’t, it’s called a sensitivity.

How did you get your allergies and sensitivities?

More is probably not known about how we get allergies than is known. Here’s what we do know:

Inherited: You most likely inherited many of your allergies and sensitivities. If mom, dad, and grandma are allergic to ragweed, chances are you will, too. You can inherit any allergy or sensitivity. This explains, in part, how you can react to something you’ve never eaten or been exposed to (which happens a lot more than you might think). Many times your parents or grandparents did not even though they had allergies!

Gut Issues: You can also develop food allergies through what is called “leaky gut syndrome.” This is where partially-digested food gets into your bloodstream through a porous or leaky intestinal wall.

When your immune system finds the food, it doesn’t recognize it so it must think of it as a threat. Bam! Your body will make what is called an “antibody” to the food and you’ve got a new food allergy.

An antibody is like a wanted poster. It helps your immune system recognize things thought to be bad. Millions of them are manufactured and travel throughout your body in your blood and lymph vessels, looking for the “bad guy” they were made to identify. More on the role these guys play in disease later.

Poor Genetics:  which is different from inheriting allergies. You may have been born with a weak immune system, one barely capable of keeping track of what’s “good” and what’s “bad.” Such a poor immune system would likely develop allergies to many harmless substances.

Stress or Trauma: This is perhaps the most detrimental causes of poor health and sensitivities, though certainly the least known or understood forms. When we are under chronic stress (let’s be honest, who isn’t these days?) or exposed to trauma, be it physical, mental, emotional or secondary our systems become “hypersensitive” to non-threatening things.

During periods of stress, be it physical or emotional, the cell's state of vulnerability to discordant frequencies increases. Electro magnetic fields such as mobile phones, microwaves, Wifi, computers, household wiring etc., can enter cells through the cell membrane and build up internally, thereby, altering the cell's balance. We predicate that once the body has undergone a period of stress, it will tend to block any thing that it was exposed to during that time in order to avoid any exposure of it in the future. Cells are most vulnerable during periods of stress: the greater the stress, the greater the incidence of acquiring illness. For example: An individual undergoing a state of stress, during a mobile phone call, while eating an apple can become sensitive to the apple.

A child eating a particular food with their parent the last time they ever saw them can develop a sensitivity to that food.

Continual exposure to pesticide ridden foods and toxic water can develop a sensitivity to the carrier of those toxins.

Sensitivities and Histamine issues Have been directly linked to the hypothalamus and the limbic system.

Chronic stress, traumatic events and abuse have been known to be directly linked to histamine challenges.

Sensitivities & Food Allergies in Tucson AZ

Stress & Negative Emotions  weaken and damage your immune and nervous systems

Experts everywhere agree that stress plays a big part in health. There are different kinds of stress: physical, chemical, and emotional.

Physical stress comes from trauma of all sorts: injuries and accidents, surgery, abuse, lack of proper sleep, lack of exercise, spinal misalignment, muscle tension, etc.

Chemical stress comes from toxins in our air food and water, medications, recreational drug use (including alcohol), chemicals in the food supply, poor nutrition, improper food choices, pollution, etc.

Emotional stress comes from job problems, money worries, mental abuse, divorce, wayward children you worry about, terrorism, inflation, economic stress, and a million other things that keep us up at night fretting into the wee hours of the morning.

Stress in any form has a negative effect on your immune and nervous systems. If the stress is strong enough (acute stress) or long enough (chronic stress) it can traumatize your immune and nervous systems to the point that they lose track of what’s “good” and what’s “bad.”

If you start to think harmless things are “bad” for you, you’ll develop allergies and sensitivities.

And this can happen with anything: nutrients, pollens, pet dander, dust, chemicals, mold, foods, fumes, fabrics, vitamins, medications, food additives, your spouse, emotions, geopathic elements and on and on. If your immune system loses track of what’s “you” and “not you,” you could develop an autoimmune disease.

What causes allergy symptoms?

By now you should have a decent idea of how you get allergies and sensitivities, so let’s talk about how they can make you feel so bad.

Symptoms from true allergies are caused by chemicals released by your body, mostly the cells of your immune system. These powerful chemicals are called “signaling molecules” (SM) and have names like histamine, heparin, serotonin, lymphokine, leukotriene, cytokine, prostaglandin, interferon, and bradykinin.

Each SM has its own “signature” of symptoms it causes.

Some cause flushing, pain, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, constricted or dilated blood vessels, diarrhea and abdominal cramps, chest tension.

Others cause headache, itching or burning sensations, flushing or “heat” sensation, sneezing, nasal discharge, asthma attacks, and “odd body” sensations.

Still others cause fever, swelling, drowsiness, confusion, feelings of anxiety, extreme fatigue, depression, memory loss, and even feelings of impending doom. I could go on and on.

A natural question is, why does your body release these chemicals if they cause you to feel so bad? They’re there to protect you, but were only meant to be used when a real threat appears, like when a bacteria, virus, or parasite invades your body.

When a real threat appears, you want your immune system to react swiftly and violently because if it doesn’t, these things could kill you. In fact, if your immune system stopped working today, the next virus or bacteria that came along would take your life.

These SMs serve a critical function and won’t cause you problems when they’re released in small amounts.

When you have allergies, though, especially when you have a lot of allergies, these chemicals can do great harm.

How? Mostly because they cause chronic inflammation, and chronic inflammation tears your body apart from the inside out! Keep reading to see how bad it can get…

Over half of North American suffers from some form of degenerative disease. That’s a staggering number—over 120 million people! Why so many? Well, that’s a topic for a book, or a series of books. Let’s just focus on the allergy part.

By the way, a degenerative disease is a disease that gets worse with time. They’re different than a cold or the flu because with those, you’ll eventually (hopefully) get better.

Any disease seldom has a single cause, meaning there are often many reasons why people get sick and stay sick. Allergies are a primary cause of disease, or at least a strong contributing factor.

Let’s look at how allergies cause or contribute to some common degenerative diseases:

Cardiovascular Disease: Two SMs released in allergy responses are histamine and kinin. Higher histamine levels have been found in the arteries around the hearts of cardiac clients. Kinin causes inflammation of the heart muscle.

Histamine and kinin are released in both food and inhalant allergies and can cause chronic inflammation of the heart, which can lead to heart disease.

Also, food allergies can increase your blood pressure 40–50 points. Shocking I know but 100% true.

While I’m not a cardiologist and don’t treat people for heart disease, many of our members have reported a drop in their blood pressure or cholesterol levels as well as improvement in arrhythmias (irregular heart beat) after they’ve successfully treated their sensitivities.

Ear, Eye, Nose, and Throat Problems: Food allergies cause inflammation of the throat, esophagus,  and Eustachian tubes and are known to cause chronic ear infections in children.

In adults, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, and its nasty debilitating headaches or migraines  can be caused by allergies to nutrients, foods, mold, pollen, smoke, pet dander, and chemicals, and more.

Ear, nose, and throat specialists report chronic inflammatory tissue damage in vertigo, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, Meniere’s syndrome, nasal obstruction, and enlargement of the glands in the throat as a result of untreated allergies.

By eliminating their sensitivities, many people’s ear, nose and throat issues resolve. Just think how many children would be spared the pain of chronic ear infections if their parents only knew the non-invasive Biofeedback therapies  could possibly fix their child’s problem for good!

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue: In our opinion, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are primarily caused by food and life  allergies and sensitivities. If you know someone with fibromyalgia, you know how many different symptoms they can have—it seems like every part of their body is sick!

While chronic fatigue is a different problem, up to 85% of CF clients had pre-existing inhalant, food, chemical, or drug sensitivities that constantly exhausted their body and cellular energy.

Dr. Blessing and her staff member Bri (who originally came in as a client), have both healed themselves of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines and a host of other health issues through the approach our center offers.

Stomach and Intestinal Problems: Food allergies have clearly been linked to diseases of the intestinal tract, such as celiac disease (caused by gluten), Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis. How? Food allergies cause allergy reactions in the intestines > allergy reactions cause inflammation > chronic inflammation tears up the body.

Heartburn is usually caused by food allergies, too. The burping, belching, and burning is your body trying to tell you to stop eating a food you’re allergic to.

Through the proper treatment and lifestyle approach, we’ve helped many clients overcome a variety of intestinal problems. Supplements alone won’t do the trick because they won’t deprogram your immune or nervous system to stop reacting to foods. Frequency Therapies (Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Microcurrent Therapies etc) are the only things that actually reprogram your biochemistry, neurochemistry, cells, tissues and organs.

Colds, Coughs, and Flu’s: Most people with allergies and sensitivities, maybe even you, get sick a lot. Chronic allergies and sensitivities stress your immune and nervous systems so much that you can’t fight off the viruses and bacteria you’re exposed to. You are in constant and chronic inflammatory mode, and your Cytokines are out out of control. Ever heard of a Cytokine Storm? This is NOT a good state to be in ever, especially chronically.

Also, the inflammation from food and nutrient allergies punches holes through the intestinal tract, causing leaky gut syndrome, which gives bacteria and viruses an easy way to get into your body. The same type of thing will happen if inhalant allergies attack your lungs—your lung tissue will become “porous” and give viruses and bacteria a way in.

The vast majority of people who complete a  program with is, report that they rarely get sick anymore. Why?

Their immune systems are freed from the chronic malfunction and liberated from the stressful and energy-intensive task of chasing down problems that aren’t really problems (allergies) and so can efficiently and quickly take care of a virus or bacteria before they cause trouble.

Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas Disorders: Food allergies stress your liver because it has the job of trying to clear out sensitive foods that have leaked through your intestinal tract. The more food allergies/sensitivities you have, the more your liver gets overworked.

Gallbladder problems are usually caused or aggravated by repeated exposure to foods or nutrients you’re reactive to.

Chronic allergies can lead to diabetes because SMs can cause chronic inflammation of the pancreas. Before diabetes hits, most clients suffer from hypoglycemia and/or hyperglycemia for years. These two problems are caused by allergy-evoked carbohydrate metabolism interference.

A Number of people who’ve gone through extensive treatments in our center have told me us no longer needed to take any medicine for diabetes (and other conditions). Of course, they did this with the okay of their MD. Correcting the cause of the problem, fixed the problem.

Psychological and Behavioral Problems: Sensitivities of all kinds—chemicals, foods, and inhalants—can cause brain and behavioral problems ranging from anxiety, dizziness, weakness, brain fog and depression to paranoid delusions and visual and auditory hallucinations. Pretty scary, huh?

ADD/ADHD in children or adults can be, and usually are, caused by sensitivities as well. This is a huge piece to this puzzle, and we have a multi-pronged approach to facilitate the brain’s healing.

Most of our fibromyalgia clients have some amount of anxiety and/or depression. Oftentimes it clears soon after they start a non-invasive and natural Fibromyalgia Treatment Program, but it’s almost always either gone or mostly gone by the time they’ve completed the program.

Parents of young clients of mine have reported how well their children have done in school after starting a program with us. Anger issues resolve, kids pay attention better, and homework gets done without tears, fights, and threats when sensitivities are corrected.

Rheumatological Problems & Inflammatory Dis-eases: Food and chemical sensitivity is a common cause or factor in rheumatoid arthritis, anklyosing spondylitis (spinal stiffness), osteoarthritis, and other forms of arthritis and joint pain/stiffness.

Even lupus can be caused or aggravated by allergies and sensitivities. This is the class of problems where autoimmune issues fall, when your immune system loses track of “you” and “not- you.” Other autoimmune conditions related to allergies are Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, and Type II diabetes.

A few years ago, wehad a fibromyalgia client who also had rheumatoid arthritis. After her treatment program she didn’t have any fibromyalgia or arthritis symptoms (though she did still have joint damage–too late to prevent that from happening). Her treatment fixed the cause of both problems. We’ve also had lupus clients who’ve done very well after their sensitivities were fixed.

As said before that foods can get into your bloodstream through a porous or leaky gut—“Leaky Gut Syndrome” (LGS). Here’s what happens after the food gets into your blood:

First, for a food to cause a problem it has to be absorbed into your body partially digested. If it’s completely digested, it won’t cause a problem. The goal of digestion is to break the food you eat down into tiny particles—nutrition—so that they can be absorbed and used by your body.

Improving digestion to not only improve their overall health, but also to decrease their chances of developing new food allergies.

Recall that LGS allows partially digested food to leak through your intestinal wall into your bloodstream. The first time this happens your immune system will make an antibody to the food, because it doesn’t recognize it.

Remember, if your immune system doesn’t know what it is, it HAS to think it’s a threat. Your immune system will then run off millions and millions antibodies and circulate them throughout your body.

The next time that food gets eaten and makes its way into your bloodstream, the antibodies find it, attach themselves to it, and cause an allergy reaction. Do you remember what gets released when you have an allergy reaction? Nasty chemicals called signaling molecules (SM).

SMs cause symptoms, only now they’re causing symptoms inside your body instead of in your nose or eyes like they do with pollen allergies.

When an antibody attaches to an allergen, science calls this a “circulating immune complex” (CIC). If your immune system doesn’t get rid of this newly formed CIC, it will get longer and longer as other antibodies and allergens latch on at the ends of the chain. As it grows in length, it continues to cause allergy reactions, causing you more and more symptoms.

If the CIC chain gets too big it settles into some tissue, organ, or gland in your body. When it does, it causes—guess what?—more allergy reactions. This time, the SMs are released right into the organ, gland, or tissue, causing inflammation and destruction until your immune system finds and gets rid of them.

The problem progresses because you don’t know what’s causing it (well, NOW you do, but you didn’t before). As you keep eating the foods you’re allergic to, and keep living in a world exposed to your sensitivity triggers they keep setting off allergy reactions wherever they go, be it your brain, joints, muscles, glands, or organs and your health continues to deteriorate.

The 3 ways to treat allergies and sensitivities

#1 AVOIDANCE: The first is to avoid the substance you’re sensitive to. That’s easy if it’s only one or two things. Most people have dozens of not hundreds of sensitivities, some known most unknown,  that sets off your midbrain’s reaction and cascade of biochemical and neurological reactions. For this to be practical, you would have to live in a bubble. Avoidance and rotation diets help for food allergies some of the time, but it’s a lousy way to live, and it becomes a never ending game of cat and mouse especially if you are sensitive tor nutrients.

#2 SHOT: The second way is to follow the medical route. Allergy shots work for some people, but not for many. They work better for inhalant allergies than food allergies. But who wants to get a shot every week for a year or two, or longer?

Allergy medications also work for some people, but only for inhalant allergies. They don’t stop the damage food allergies cause inside your body though, they only mask the symptoms.

Medications generally do little to relieve symptoms caused by sensitivities.


Sensitivity Elimination Treatment through Biofeedback

SET-Biofeedback  was developed through nearly 2 decades of clinical trials and a revolutionary approach  to our health issues that has resulted in an 88.86% success rate for conditions that were previously diagnosed as chronic, lifelong with little to no hope. A fascinating story that we won’t get into in this report. Suffice it to say, SET-Biofeedback is uniquely effective, so effective we rarely have to repeat my treatments. This means about 99.87% of the time people only need to be treated once for anything they’re sensitive to.

The treatment itself is simple and painless. It’s so gentle we’ve been able to comfortably treat clients as young as six months and as old as 92. We move through standardized categories, and can add in custom categories such as: medications, your spouse etc)

Looking at Sensitivities

Let’s back up. Before the treatment is done, we need to find out what you’re sensitive to. To do this, we use very sophisticated computerized equipment out of Germany to run the Biofeedback Analysis. The testing begins after you place your hand on a sensor, communicating in our body’s natural language. Our body’s are in constant communication with itself and us, we just have not learned how to listen to it. You can click HERE to go a bit deeper, as sensitivities are just 1 ingredient to your Health Puzzle, and without looking at a bigger picture you will continually ride the roller coaster of healing crisis to healing crisis.

We’re not going to get into exactly how the testing is done because it’s outside of most people’s education and experience. I once had a retired physicist come to my office for an evaluation. He understood everything I was doing—it was child’s play to him. But to you and I it’s an entirely new world of Quantum Physics.

Simply put, we test your body electronically, or “energetically,” to see what it doesn’t like. (Remember, a sensitivity is nothing more than something your body has come to dislike then react to) Because the testing is done electronically, we can test hundreds of potential sensitivities in a few minutes.

If this goes on for years and decades without awareness, some people move into Mast Cell Disorder which is a more complex state.

“The Secret Language of Your Body” is a great starting point to dive into the deep and miraculous world of our body and being.

This type of testing isn’t allergy testing because it doesn’t involve blood. Scratch tests are the most common type of allergy testing because they’re cheap and easy to do (which is why insurance companies gladly pay for them), but they’re not very accurate. Many clients have told me their scratch tests were negative, yet I found tons of sensitivities with my equipment.

How SET Biofeedback Treatments are done and how it works

Let’s say we were treating tree pollens today and it came back that you were sensitive to 55 trees. After testing, we would go through the treatment process through Biofeedback and nervous system reboot (again all gentle and non-invasive)

Simply put, your nervous system will detect the energy and wave-length/frequency in the vial and think you are holding the 55 trees. And because it mistakenly thinks the trees are “bad,” it will focus like a laser beam on them.

You remain seated while I perform the manual treatment, which effectively “reprograms” your brain and body right there and then to stop identifying the 55 trees as “bad”, s=desensitizing your system to the stressors.

We don’t really know exactly why this procedure is so effective. That shouldn’t bother you, though. Do you watch television or use the Internet? If so, can you explain how sound and images get transmitted around the world and from outer space on invisible beams of energy to your house? Probably not, but you can still operate a TV, cell phone and use the internet and take advantage of the technology.  You don’t have to know how something works to use it.

It’s the same with Frequency Therapies

This is best way I’ve come up with to explain it. Windows 3.1 came out way back in the 1990s. It ran much better than 3.0, but one big problem remained: computers running 3.1 would still lock up every day. Users could usually reboot their computers by pressing control-alt-delete on the keyboard, but sometimes it was so bad they had to unplug the computer and plug it back in before it would run again.

Here’s what was happening: Windows locked up when two programs tried to access the same memory address. A fix for this didn’t exist in Windows’ code so the program stopped working and the computer froze.

A sensitivity is kind of like that: it’s an electrical incompatibility between your body and the substance you’ve come to believe is bad. SET-Biofeedback is like a “reboot”: it cancels the electrical incompatibility so that the next time you run into that substance you won’t react to it.

The big difference here is, Windows 3.1 always locked up again, usually the same day, but your sensitivity will be gone for good.

Every person has a different motivation when they come to see us. Many come in because of a specific symptoms or problems they’re having and they have exhausted all previously known approaches.

Other people are interested in becoming as healthy as possible, accessing and pushing the bounds of human potential. They don’t want to get a degenerative disease, or if they already have one they want to get rid of what’s likely to be causing it, or at the least making it worse. With these clients I go through all the food and nutrient groups. If they have hayfever, they also go through those treatments.

Still others, usually with severe or chronic health problems, need a combination of treatments as their condition has become layered and long.

Everyone’s Health or Illness is a recipe, one that is completely unique to you. There are no cookie cutter approaches to True Healing, and we approach each person’s body and being as the unique and beautiful individual they are.

Our Body’s have a secret Language, and it is constantly talking to us, the only challenge is our willingness and ability to listen to it. Once we listen to and work WITH our bodies instead of being locked up in what we think we know, a whole world of Healing opens up to us.

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