Tucson Biofeedback’s Approach to Fertility

Neurofeedback Tucson AZ Pregnant Woman

Concerned about fertility in Tucson? Our Neurofeedback specialists take a unique approach to help you.

  1. Test, don’t Guess. Biofeedback Testing pinpoints weak areas with actionable data and reports to remedy the imbalance, raising your chances of success. A healthy body is a fertile body, and health is a recipe unique to each of us.
  2. Roadmap to Wellness. If you don’t have a map how will you arrive at your destination? Biofeedback Testing, DNA Testing with Nutrigenomics Support and Custom Treatment protocols all are crucial aspects to achieving Fertility and overall health.
  3. Reducing Stress. Stress is the #1 killer, the #1 contributor to chronic health issues and the underlying cause of hormone imbalance and infertility. Stress comes in many forms: mental/emotional stress, toxic stress, physical stress, social/work stress, past traumas, toxic stress and when these remain constant they overwhelm the system lowering the function of our bodies, throwing off hormones - wreaking havoc on pour neurology and physiology.
  4. Resolving Food and Nutrient Sensitivities. These are more serious problems than the public is aware of and can contribute greatly to infertility. Click here to be redirected to our blog on this specific subject.
  5. Flow. Biofeedback frees up the flow of your body's physiology, neurology and meridians. When things are not flowing in our body and mind, obstructions occur, obstruction creates health issues and blockages. Biofeedback frees these blockages and allows you to flow and glow.

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