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Our specialists utilize EVOX biofeedback in Tucson to help our clients with many problems. The emotional aspect of healing and wellness is often far more important than the typical protocols of healthy eating and exercise, yet often receives little attention. Common roadblocks to real health often stem from making poor choices, lack of willpower, and repeated destructive behavior. It is actually the subconscious mind that controls up to 90% of our daily behaviors and even some of our health challenges. Therefore, ‘sub-conscious stress’ stemming from a real or perceived trauma can literally lock us in negative behavior patterns, repeating health issues and feedback loops that can sabotage even our best efforts of success at almost any endeavor, and can persist throughout a person’s lifetime.

Effective clearing of emotional roadblocks can create new insights to dealing with stressful situations, and the ability to not only recognize all the choices available, but also to follow through with new healthy choices and improved decision making.

How Does It Work

EVOX Biofeedback Therapy uses innovative voice mapping technology to identify congested emotional areas at the subconscious level, and effectively clears them by feeding back the missing frequencies detected in a person’s voice. Shifts in voice patterns can be noticed almost immediately. Subconscious roadblocks are accessed and cleared, leading to long-lasting positive change.

Often, real or perceived trauma begins in childhood with our primary caregivers, and the effects of the trauma are stored in the sub-conscious for a lifetime. By healing at the subconscious level, a person is free to work on even more specific desired improvements in their life with greater ease and success.

The EVOX Biofeedback sessions transform relationships, health, peace of mind and every other area of life gently wand with ease. The best part of these is that the benefits compound and actually become stronger the weeks, months and even years after the sessions. Because it works not the subconscious level.

Business professionals, sports coaches, and others concerned with optimal performance use EVOX to remove energetic blocks and bring out winning results naturally.

Not only does EVOX effectively target these needs, but also it’s fast, permanent and nearly effortless.

  • Clients consistently report results like:
  • Peaceful relaxation and ability to be “present”
  • Release of anxieties, fears, worry, and stress
  • New insights and a healthier paradigm
  • Easier coping with formerly stressful situations
  • Elimination of self-destructive behavior
  • Increased productivity and satisfaction
  • Renewed enthusiasm and optimism about life
  • Healthier and Happier Relationships
  • Ability to be who you were meant to be
  • Release of baggage and patterns that kept you in the same destructive cycles

Clinical experience has shown that most people are stuck in static feedback loops. Because perception creates reality, this means most realities are static and repeating no matter how much you set an "intention" to change it. This becomes undesirable if the reality is dysfunctional in any way or less than optimal. Chronic emotional baggage dissipates our energy, sabotages relationships and saps our creativity. Each of us has only a certain amount of energy that fuels our spirit.

Benefits of EVOX Biofeedback Therapy

​Benefits for Children:

  • PTSD Healing and Release
  • Easier ability to concentrate
  • ​Reduction or elimination of test, social or performance anxiety
  • Greater Sports and Academic Performance
  • Easier to release generational blockages and miasma that
  • subconsciously create blocks or limitations
  • Better Sleep, more ease in their day to day life
  • Honestly, whatever the individual Child most benefits from

Much of our energy can be directed toward emotional baggage. In the case of relationships, a person may repeatedly attract destructive behaviors; for example, the woman who repeatedly marries abusive men. Even though at an intellectual level she knows better, for some reason she continues to fall for ‘the wrong guy’. This is the result of a static perception that perpetuates dysfunctional outcomes and has very little to do with her intellectual desire for something better.

As far as athletic performance, a golfer may approach the ball the same way every time and thus reach a performance plateau. At a conscious level, he may learn better techniques, but at a subconscious level, he is still bound by the perception he carries of his golf game, or of his ability to master it. His golf reality remains static.

In working with EVOX it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift, or reframe perception at a conscious and subconscious level. Perception reframing allows for a more mature or functional reality and is used to improve any aspect of human performance while releasing the subconscious patterns act is on a feedback loop keeping you making the same choices, living the same experience or thinking the same thoughts over and over again.

EVOX is designed to listen to the subtle qualities of spoken voice and display them into what is called a voice map. Significant frequencies are selected and then presented to the body. This communication facilitates the subconscious adjustment that is often described as ‘unburdening’. The process is called voice remapping.

Every Perception Index (PI) is topic-specific. Excess voice energy indicates stagnate or stuck energy that will also freeze up all of the areas of your life that it is connected to.

Going Deeper in EVOX

By combining quantum physics, biology, and information theory, this technology provides an interface between living things and computers allowing them to talk to each other.

Most of your daily activity is managed by an exchange of information that happens at a level below conscious awareness. Every second there are an estimated 100 million impulses of information processed by your body that you are not aware of. The mechanism that filters this information is part of your brain called the reticular activating system and even though you aren’t aware of it, it is this information that keeps your body organized and healthy.

Information is the communication of knowledge and each cell of your body is built for communication. The outer cell wall is comprised of two layers of fat, called a bi-lipid layer. The lipid molecules are organized in a crystalline pattern that facilitates communication. You may be familiar with crystals and their use. Using very simple components, and no outside energy source, a crystal radio allows you to capture the waves from a radio station and convert them into audio energy. The crystal life structure of each of the 70 trillion cells that make up your body allows you to receive information in a similar way. As the cells compress and expand their structure generates the energy needed to pass information along, allowing your entire body to function in a coordinated and healthy way.

As your cells communicate EVOX Biofeedback makes it possible to ‘eves drop’ and listen to the conversation. This is accomplished by monitoring the changes in galvanic skin response, or GSR, as well as subtle changes in spoken voice. As we listen we apply proprietary formulas and extract meaning from what your body is saying; but that’s only half the equation, the other half is talking. Talking in this sense is communicating information to your body that will stimulate a response. To talk to your body, our technology users bio- signatures or frequencies that stimulate cellular response. We call these signatures virtual stressors or queries. The process of talking with the body can be seen as a stimulus-response exercise.

EVOX BiofeedbackTherapy can be useful in many situations where a person may feel ‘stuck’ in a negative thought or behavior pattern. By first healing the subconscious mind, the driver of almost all behavior, more complete physical and emotional healing can begin. EVOX Therapy can help:

• Reduce or eliminate worry, stress, anxiety, or pessimistic outlook
• Alleviate destructive thought patterns and negative behavior
• Improve performance in work, school or athletics
• Heal addictions and compulsive behavior
• Heal emotional causes of weight problems
• Recovery from a traumatic event / Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
• Improve relationships
• Chronic pain and illness
• Psychological issues
• Improve results of traditional ‘talk therapy’ or counseling

History and Technology

Inventor Calvin Young became interested in voice mapping and sound healing while looking to make a change from his career as an aerospace engineer. Building on the work of early sound healers, including Pythagoras, to the BioAcoustic research of Sharry Edwards and the voice frequency analysis techniques of Alfred Tomatis, Young developed the technology known as VSA (Voice Stress Assessment). This was originally released in 2004 under the name "VoCal 360". At that time Young formed a brief partnership with Vaughn Cook of Zyto, Inc. Vaughn’s research eventually incorporated a version of voice mapping that integrates Zyto’s biofeedback stress assessment technology that is used by physicians, acupuncturists and naturopaths to help clients with their physical health. Today, Zyto’s voice map system is marketed under the name EVOX.

In a VSA session, you will record short "voice maps" on family, relatives and significant people in your life, about circumstances (such as car accidents and traumatic childhood events), and about health and other chronic conditions that are limiting your capacity to live a full, emotionally healthy life. Words are not recorded, only a combination of the present and missing frequencies in your voice. The missing frequencies are a consequence of the buried memories connected to the subject of your recording.

The frequencies derived from your recording are then broadcast back to you. These frequencies stimulate and balance the relevant memory/muscle connection. During the balancing, you may experience a powerful emotional release or realize a significant insights into stress your experienced. If that connection is storing a memory connected to stress and trauma, that memory is causing an imbalance or distortion in the body’s energy field. That imbalance is contributing to the challenges you may be facing. In the biofeedback process, you may recall forgotten memories, strong emotional feelings, and/or critical insights that can help you break free of rigid thinking, unresolved grief and anger and other buried emotions that keep you stuck in repetitive behavior patterns. For more information, read the detailed description below.

What follows is a general description of voice mapping that hopefully will answer your current questions and possibly a few more. I would like to begin by saying I am not the inventor, I am a practitioner. I don't have a scientific background; I have a general idea and a metaphoric way to describe the voice mapping process.

For example, I believe that each day of our lives is recorded in some way akin to a tree growing a new ring each season. In each ring is recorded stressful or traumatic events you experienced and, very important, the coping skills you called up or invented to respond to the stress. At the time, that particular coping skill was the best tool you had available. For example, if a child grew up in an environment of extreme criticism, she or he may have coped by disconnecting from their emotions or becoming self critical as well. While that subconscious mechanism helped them get through their childhood, most likely it caused problems later in life when they had problems with self confidence or trying to form intimate relationships.

That ring of history, and many hundreds more, is still active somewhere within you. Hyper-vigilant, whenever you encounter an element connected in some way to that early experience, at some level, alarm bells go off and your subconscious initiates behavior for you to avoid or escape the moment. There is a saying, "Fish don't know they are wet." When you've lived with a behavior or stress response most of your life, it may not seem out of the ordinary to you. If you notice anything at all, you may say, "that's just the way I am." However, when you've cleared early forming memories connected to parental or other experiences, you stop that behavior and often realize numerous ways in which you feel better being in the world.

Voice mapping is proving to be an effective process for helping people process and release stress and trauma. (Note: while I use the word, "release", quite a bit, I believe what is actually happening prior to a feeling of release is that a memory/muscle connection is experienced as a place where the body's energy is unbalanced. What is experienced as a shift or a release is actually a balancing of a piece of the body's energy matrix.)

Calvin Young is the scientist who initially developed voice mapping. He studied sound and healing globally and historically. His research included the work of Shari Edwards who has an exceptional sense of hearing. She can hear when and which frequencies are missing in a person's voice. In her work as a healer, Shari uses tuning forks and other instruments to play those frequencies back to her clients – the toning evidently helps in the healing process. This pointed Calvin in the direction of study of the human voice that eventually led to voice mapping. A collaboration with Dr. Vaughn Cook resulted in an integration of voice mapping with the style of biofeedback stress assessment used by doctors, acupuncturists and naturopaths to assist in physical healing of the body – an exquisite partnership of blending mind/body resources. Vaughn recently released the EVOX, the newest technology in the realm of voice mapping.

In deep tissue massage, such as Rolfing, there are times when the practitioner is working on a particular muscle location when the client suddenly experiences a powerful emotion that seems to come from out of nowhere. Some scientists believe that the memory resides in some facet of muscle tissue such as the fascia.

Many muscles of the body are involved in creating the voice. Many of the muscles from the pelvis up through the skull contribute to the workings of our larynx and voice.

If you are thinking about something that is connected in some way to one of those events recorded in a memory/muscle connection, that connection is stimulated, the muscle is affected and, in turn, that muscle effect shows up in the frequencies expressed in your voice. Calvin and his researchers have determined which frequency combinations are connected to which emotional states. This is visually represented in the pie chart voice map that you can see on my web site.

Those frequencies are then fed back to you in a form of biofeedback, stimulating the memory/muscle connection allowing it to be surfaced, processed and released (balanced). In the process, you are permanently remapping your brain, breaking the connection between subconscious memories and your present-day behavior. The result is a reduction in stress and an ability to respond to life more in the moment rather than being stuck in old behavior patterns.

Real Results

One example comes from a client who said that whenever she visited her mother, they always wound up fighting. In her session, she recorded a brief description of her mother (about 20 seconds long.) The resulting voice map showed extreme intensity in anger and in depression. It also shows high intensity in repetitive thinking (which I refer to as subconscious repetitive behavior.) As she prepared to do the six-minute meditation while the frequencies were being fed back to her, I suggested that she think about the connection between anger, depression, and her mother. She replied, "Oh, I know the answer to that."

I said, "You are referring to what you know that you know. However, you're stuck in repetitive behavior with your mom – that is being driven by something you don't yet know that you know. See if you can be open to find out what you may not know that you know – in other words, be open to learning from your subconscious wisdom." I left the room to give her privacy.

When I returned in six minutes, she was crying and she was happy.

The client said, "I got it! I figured out that Mom is depressed and angry about the failures in her own life. All my life, she's been channeling that frustration into the criticisms that she throws at me."

The combination of voice frequency feedback and the congruent insights helped the client in two ways. The first was that she felt a great weight leave her body – it was the release of a lifetime of stress freed by learning that "it's not my fault and it has never been my fault." (that's why she was crying.) The second came later when she went to visit her mother:

"Mom started those innuendos, those snide remarks usually hurt me very deeply. This time I did not get triggered. At a deep level, I knew that they were really about her, not about me. I sat quietly and let them go right by. When I didn't rise to the bait as usual, after a few minutes, Mom's behavior changed – and I don't think she knew that she changed. We had a very pleasant visit."

In a voice mapping session, another client learned how she was enabling her father to continue controlling and manipulative behavior because she felt, at a subconscious level, that if she didn't allow it, he would have nothing left in his life. The next day she called to say that a particular health issue that had been chronic for a year had suddenly disappeared. She closed her call saying, "I just realized, I'm not afraid of money anymore." Her experience helped me better understand that memory imbalances can contribute to stress in numerous ways intertwined both physically and emotionally.

Several times, men working on their fathers have said, "Whoa, I just realized that I'm doing to my kids what my father did to me. No wonder I get so much resistance from them!" Women have said, "I just realized that everyone I date has my father's behaviors - no wonder these relationships don't last!"

Each client responds in their own unique way to the process. Many feel lighter in some way, many feel calmer and more relaxed. Some say that the chatter in their minds is reduced or gone. Some have experienced a reduction or cessation of physical pain and symptoms. It is often said that one's emotions have a direct impact upon one's health and I believe this is demonstrated in voice mapping.

Vietnam vets, victims of rape and holocaust survivors all have successfully used the EVOX. Many clients have not suffered such extreme forms of abuse but in their lives, they experienced significant stress. Maybe they grew up with extremely critical parents or suffered a family loss or went through a difficult illness that changed their lives in ways they don't realize. In other circumstances, athletes have overcome physical or mental blocks and improved their ability to be at peak performance. It does not matter whether your experience is right, wrong or makes sense all that matters is that it was and is REAL TO YOU. Healing occurs from accepting this concept, then releasing these old blockages, perceptions and wounds.

What these clients all have in common is a desire for positive change and an intention to take responsibility for their lives and the changes they want. This is not a therapy for the person who wants to be fixed by taking a pill or a magic injection. I am not a therapist, I am a facilitator who helps my clients use voice mapping to better understand what is behind and beneath their emotional condition. I believe two things work in conjunction with each other to help people gain relief. One is the actual frequency feedback process stimulating and releasing/balancing places where a memory/muscle connection is stuck. The other is working with the insight and understanding gained in the process. A mechanism that has delivered years of hidden, subconscious stress has been shut down. (balanced) The reduction of internal stress combined with insights to the origins of that stress empowers the client to continue healing, growing and enjoying a more fully realized life.

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