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This page is dedicated to compiling a small fraction of information available on the Therapies we utilize including but not limited to:

We are currently the 1st clinic in the United States that combines and focusses solely on Frequency Therapies and are 100%  non-invasive. Every person’s recipe is unique to them, and we put together a plan accordingly as every one of our therapies act in different capacities, with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) having well over 500 different applications. Key word being “specific”.

Enjoy the information below, and feel free to click one of the therapies above to be redirected to that specific page.

All the therapies we utilize in our clinic have 1,000’s of clinical and medical studies on them, and the technology and application of them are over 100+ years old. So while they are not new, they are going through a resurgence and evolution as technological advancements have and continue to allow us to enhance and evolve these applications  in compounding ways.


We recommend reading the below resources for a very basic and beginner’s understanding of how our Bodies actually work. They touch on the Science of Frequencies, Quantum Physics and Quantum Biology which makes up 95% of our world

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