Body LENS Biofeedback For Pain And Tension

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What Is It?

The Body LENS  is a Biofeedback system with the sensors placed on the body to provide pain management for many different types of pain. It can at times provide dramatic reductions of pain without any electrical stimulation, with just informational feedback (using a patented feedback signal).

Body LENS sends a signal to the area of connection to read the degree of tension/malfunction then formulates a unique feedback signal to rebalance and re-harmonize the muscle. nerve or tissue. Every 10 seconds it gathers new feedback in order to optimize the signal to the degree of change until the session is completed. IT is in essence a smart feedback system, that customizes its feedback to your unique needs while simultaneously stimulating new blood flow and mitochondria production.

What Does It Do?

The Body LENS  reduces pain and appears to work very well in a remarkably high percent- age of cases.

The Body LENS also works extremely well for decreasing swelling (edema), as well as de- creasing spastic muscle activity. The effect of Body LENS often includes a decrease of pain and/or discomfort, a decrease in symptoms of abdominal discomfort, an increase in muscle relaxation, and/or an increase in the range of motion.

How Is It Used?

The Body LENS treatment plan is developed from the client’s responses to the Sensitivity/Reactivity Questionnaire. Based on the client’s responses, the treatment will fall into one of four preset applications, so the execution of the treatment couldn’t be easier.

It’s gentle, painless and effective.

Where Can It Be Used?

Body LENS may be used on both central and peripheral areas of the body. Areas of the trunk, such as, back, hips, the abdominal area, limbs and peripheral areas can be treated as well. In fact, Body LENS may be applied to any area of the skin, over any body cavity, and off the head. It has been used successfully with a wide variety of symptoms of problems including tennis elbow, premenstrual cramping, knee pain for 2 years post-surgery, TMJ, Sciatica, and lower back pain. This list is certainly not inclusive, but rather provides examples of effective applications.

How Effective Is Body LENS?

In over 90% of the occasions during which the Body. LENS was used correctly for pain, inflammation, and swelling, the pain had remarkably decreased or been eliminated during the session. Although the pain, swelling, or inflammation reduction may not have lasted more than six months, and thereby requiring additional applications of Body LENS the brevity of the exposure and the low number of sessions needed for successful treatment make this modality a popular service.

And even in difficult cases, because we operate a Frequency Therapy Center, we have the capability to combine LENS Neurofeedback and FSM to move beyond any resistance we may meet.

A Few Examples of Pain And Swelling Addressed:

  • Muscle/Body Tension
  • TMJ
  • “Turned” ankle
  • IBS over the abdomen
  • Sprained ligaments, strained or pulled muscles
  • Post-surgical pain and swelling, problems at joints or in-between joints Post-surgical pain when a plate/screw/pin has been implanted during surgery for stability
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Nerve Pain (best addressed in conjunction with FSM protocols)
  • Chronic pain following any injury
  • Run over the organ of challenge ie: gallbladder, thyroid, pancreas etc

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