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Struggling with anxiety in Tucson? Our neurofeedback specialists will help you break the feedback loops keeping you locked into anxiety and experience inner peace. We want you to master your triggers and reclaim your power.

There are many types of Anxiety, click here to learn about Inner Child Driven Anxiety in particular.

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Anxiety Dropped in my 1st Session!

"Amazing appointment! I found them searching for a reputable Biofeedback Center in Tucson and scheduled the initial with Neurofeedback combo. Omg the reports confirmed everything I just knew. My anxiety dropped from an 8 to a 2 after my treatment and I still feel a difference today from it. Excited to keep going! The atmosphere is so inviting and the staff made me feel so welcome and comfortable. So happy to have found TBF."

- S.P

LENS Neurofeedback is Life Changing

"I went in for the Neurofeedback treatments to address stress, anxiety and PTSD. To my surprise it was far more effective than anticipated. I was able to see my brain changing in real time, but greater than that it felt like I got my brain and life back. The treatments are super gentle, after each one I felt so centered and balanced. Dr. Anna also equipped me with tools to utilize on my own which I use regularly with compounding success. Highly recommend to anyone wanting healing mind or body."

- JB

Resolved Far More Than My Anxiety and High Blood Pressure

"Thank you TBF - I reached out for help with High Blood Pressure, Anxiety and just not feeling my best. I had heard about Biofeedback over the years all with positive results, but just had not been in a serious enough situation to look into It for myself.

After the initial consult and going over the Health Report it immediately became apparent how much stress was impacting me and how long I had ignored it. In addition my diet and lifestyle choices were also revealed through the report results.

I enrolled into the custom treatment program recommended for me and within the 1st 3 weeks I felt a night and day difference! Not only did my vitality improve, but my ability to mastery mind and stress was at a level I'd never experience. I work as an executive in a high stress job, so peak state is crucial and there is always stress. Since completing my program, my HBD is resolved, my anxiety only is present in very high stress periods, short term and never lasts. I have an awareness of my body and my brain I never had before and I feel totally equipped to handle life's ups and downs.

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback yes the treatments work and there are thousands of journals proving the effectiveness of this century old modality.... But it is honestly the awareness and mastery you gain through the process that becomes invaluable. I would have gladly paid 4x as much as I did for everything I received (and continue to receive) from it.

As Einstein said - 'We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.'"

- Robert M.

Life Changing

"Tucson Biofeedback is a life changer. I was diagnosed with anxiety, major depression, PTSD, Thyroid issues and Fibromyalgia. I was tired of feeling exhausted and drained every day. Dr. Anna Blessing and her staff, provides latest cutting edge technology and and Holistic approach towards Health care. I have been receiving my treatments for a few months and I have already felt significant improvement both mentally and physically. I recommend Tucson Biofeedback to anyone who wants to take control of their Health care and get their life back."

- Audrey S.

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